Having A Nicely Designed Website Matters…

It doesn’t matter where you are from or what business you have, you should invest in having a really nice looking website.  I’ve been working for a calgary seo company for years and it always amazes me how many companies don’t take their web design serious enough.  A website very well could be the most important piece of your marketing arsenal.

Just think about how a website is used by your potential customers:

1. They search on Google for what you offer.  The FIRST thing they will see is your website.  If your website sucks then why would they do business with you?  You heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”… well, guess what?  People DO judge your business by your website.

2. They hear about your business from someone and Google it (back to where we started)

3. They get your business card and do more research into your company by visiting your website

As you can see there are many ways your website is being used right now!

Working for I realize how significant a really well designed website can be for a business.  How much is a lead worth to you?  Your website is like a doorway into your business.  Why not have a very welcoming door that has an “OPEN” sign and welcomes them in?  Again, people judge your business by how professional you appear on your website.


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